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KNA: Online Business Management for Food & Hospitality Businesses


Focus on service...we'll automate the rest

We know how it feels to run a small business

Overthinking, overanalyzing, overwhelmed. The more you grow, the more you’re bombarded by questions to answer, tasks to do, people to contact, invoices to send, projects to plan, and innumerable other things that need your attention.


You feel responsible for everything. Alone in making decisions, hesitant to delegate anything important. Feeling like you can’t walk away from your business for 5 minutes. 


And how can you trust anyone else to care about your baby the way you do?

lead development

client management

Well what if you could automate all the time-consuming parts of your business?

invoicing & follow-up

expense & revenue

How Systems Help Service Businesses Succeed

Imagine being a caterer who doesn't have to chase clients for payments—because it's all automated.

Or an event planner creating a custom proposal from pick & choose templates—automatically accompanied by agreement forms, and followed up by the first invoice.

What business chores do you hate doing the most? There’s a system for that.


What important details get lost in the avalanche of tasks? There’s a system for that too.


At Kristen Nicoletti Agency we keep track of the latest software, apps, and best practices so you don’t have to. We can show you which systems would make your life easier and what would just add another burden.

Certified Dubsado Specialist (Food & Hospitality Industry)


Systems Audit & Strategy Call

Whether coaching you through Dubsado strategy or maximizing other business systems, this 90-minute value-packed call includes a rundown and analysis of your current processes, strategy, options, and action steps for boosting efficiency in small ways you might not think of without years of experience with business systems. May include templates, discount links, and other valuable takeaways.

Dubsado à la mode

Ready to supercharge your business systems? We install Dubsado forms, templates, and workflows to automate your lead development, onboarding, proposals, contracts, invoices, reminders, and more! Dubsado services range from framework only...all the way to whiteglove workflow installation with premium email copywriting—just add the link to your site and get right back to helping your customers. (Includes 30% off your first Dubsado purchase)

Online Business Management

For creative entrepreneurs really ready to step back and outsource everything possible, except your favorite parts of your business—we offer monthly retainers for building complex systems and letting you take a true hands-off approach to your virtual operations management so you can focus on the craft and creativity that got you started in the first place.

*Currently on waitlist


"Kristen is such an important part of my team. She is constantly nudging me in the right direction, not only for my clients, but for my own wellbeing. When she sees me trying to do things the hard way, she is always there to redirect my energy onto a better path. I honestly don't have a clue what I would do without her help and expertise."


About KNA Creator  Kristen Nicoletti 

Kristen Nicoletta, Certified Dubsado Specialist

I’ve been on management teams at businesses of all sizes, helping my last two grow to the point they got bought out by a bigger competitor. That kind of growth is not always the goal—but when it is, I know how to make it happen.


Long ago I learned that the key to leveling up a business is implementing systems to smooth out operations and free up your mental space for the exciting parts of entrepreneurship. That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

When I left the corporate sector to start KNA, I decided early to unite my 2 biggest loves—creative business systems and culinary delights—into one purpose: helping food and hospitality entrepreneurs like you automate all the operations drudgery—and get back to feeling invigorated and empowered as the driver of your business.

Ready to get started?


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