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Business management mise en place

We deliver Dubsado functionality plated and ready to go. White-glove installation of relevant workflows—from lead forms you just embed in your website, all the way to cashing invoices and requesting testimonials/referrals. Client management automated to your heart's content. Choose your own touchpoints and let the workflow handle the rest.

Want to get a little more soigne with it? When we talk, we can also discuss more advanced possibilities for using Dubsado's tools creatively—like a job application workflow for automating your hiring (and filtering!) process; or a list-building lead magnet with automated emails sharing value, education, and special offers with high-quality prospective clients.


Dubsado à la mode

Just like you trust chef to plate your delicious meal, trust our systems experts to install your virtual business systems.


In this case, Certified Dubsado Specialist (and founder) Kristen Nicoletti will handle your project personally, discovering your desires and aversions, explaining your options, and dishing up something special and custom-made—to deliver a business operations experience you'll be savoring for years.

What's included:

Complete Dubsado workflows

Forms, templates, canned emails

Client experience mapping

Custom implementation guide

30% off your first year of Dubsado

30 days of email support

2 free support calls




Certified Dubsado Specialist installer
Business Owners

"Before Kristen installed my Dubsado automations, I was juggling everything manually, using multiple apps and platforms—setting reminders and losing days between every step—scheduling calls, proposal building, following up, contracting, following up, invoicing, following it's all automated and I only interact with a prospect when it's worth my time (and theirs). THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!


How Dubsado Installation works

Step 1


We'll develop your strategy together, according to a custom proposal based on our discovery conversation. You'll get to sign off on every relevant element.

Step 4


Once the system is installed and ready to go, we'll walk you through which tools do what, and how best to enjoy your sleek automations and newfound freedom.

Step 2


First we'll map out the process so everything is clear and nothing comes as a surprise. You'll get a big-picture view of the system while leaving the technical stuff to us.

Step 5


As you explore the ins and outs of your shiny new Dubsado system, we'll be on hand to answer any questions and troubleshoot anything that comes up. 

Step 3


When everything's ready to go, we'll implement all the moving pieces directly into your Dubsado account, testing every step of each workflow to make sure it's working right.

Step 6


When you're ready to go, we'll help you wrap everything up nice and neat and safe for you can have it ready wherever it is you're headed.

Would you trade 15 minutes now for 10+ hours per month forever?

Complimentary — no obligations!
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