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Put on your bib and settle in for a feast of freetime

Entrepreneurship is about building a powerful idea into a full-fledged experience machine that eventually grows to the point that you have to let go and let other people carry it for you into the future.

Our online business management retainers let our busiest food and hospitality clients step back into the creative craft role that inspired them to start their business—knowing that their day to day operations are in good hands and that every billable minute of KNA time is dedicated to improving efficiency and enhancing the effectiveness of the systems that serve you...and your clients' experience.


Online Business Management

This is the pinnacle of our business operations services for food & hospitality entrepreneurs.


Monthly retainers let us focus on long-term, ongoing systems installations and building virtual operations that manage your business while you sleep. Imagine that...sleep...? We'll delve deep into what's possible with various systems, each with different strengths to boost your efficiency and let you focus on what you do best.

*Currently on waitlist.

OMB is ideal if you:

Offer many different services

Are expanding your team

Aim for multiple audiences

Offer seasonal service options

Spend hours per week managing leads

Are ready to outsource operations

Have big dreams and longterm goals

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"Kristen brought her expertise, experience, and organization to the table in a major way, producing reports with information we didn’t know we needed. She was our go-to for any questions we had."


Add yourself to the waitlist (or entice us to open more space)

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