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It's always Happy Hour for KNA clients

That's because we install business systems that free up enough time in your schedule to think about things like "happy" and "sleep" and "take a deep breath."

Your business is unique – and our strategies and installations are customized to fit your specific needs. We don't just upload processed templates and wash our hands of the matter.

We serve up carefully crafted system solutions that will forever change the way you do business.

Certified Dubsado Specialist for Food & Hospitality Businesses


Systems Audit & Strategy Call

In 90 minutes, virtual operations expert Kristen will show you the bread and butter of the system(s) and strategy that will most help you solve your online business operations problem.

We'll record the call so you can revisit at will; and you'll definitely want to because every minute will be prepared and packed with valuable knowledge and action steps.

Dubsado à la mode

The real bones of business automations and streamlined processes. Done for you Dubsado workflows; lead collection, development, onboarding, proposals, scheduling, invoicing, etc.

Everything you need to offload the most time-consuming parts of running your business operations and managing clients. Plated and served just for you.

Online Business Management

Full-service smorgasbord of ongoing system installations and long-term strategies. Together we'll build and develop a complex and automated system for servicing and organizing your clientele and business.

Monthly retainer includes things like project & team management, metrics & analysis, industry & market research, recruiting, etc.

*Currently on waitlist

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"Kristen has a deep background with clients of many types and needs. Meaning she has an impressive pool of experiences to draw upon, to find solutions to unfixable problems. It feels like she just plucks great ideas out of thin air. And she's always well-versed in the newest online tools to help make everything happen efficiently in the most cost-effective way possible."


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